Readynest, along with the Homebuyer Education Test and Landlord Education Test, are brought to you by MGIC, a private mortgage insurance company. For more information about how to use Readynest to help prepare your borrowers for homeownership, check out the FAQs below or go to

homebuyer education code

How do I register for a Homebuyer Education code? 

Get your code!

Your code will be active and ready to use as soon as you register. 

homebuyer education test

Is there a cost to offer your Homebuyer Education test to our borrowers?

No, the test is free for your organization to use for any and all borrowers.

Is the Homebuyer Education process HUD-approved?

The Homebuyer Education content and test are not specifically endorsed by HUD.

How will I know my borrower completed the test?

You will automatically receive an email notification after a borrower completes the test.

certificate of achievement

My borrower said they completed the test, but I didn't receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Contact Customer Service, 1-800-424-6442.

My customer will be taking the test in Spanish, but I need an English copy of the Certificate of Achievement for my records.

After you receive the Spanish certificate, contact Customer Service, 1-800-424-6442, for a copy in English.

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