landlord education test

Are you thinking about purchasing a 2- to 4- unit home for rental?

As a term of your financing, your lender may have told you that you need to earn a Certificate of Achievement to show that you understand the risks and rewards of being a landlord. Our free test meets homebuyer education requirements for Freddie Mac®. Consult with your lender to make sure you fulfill your landlord education requirements with an approved program.

take the test, in 3 easy steps

step one

Read the Landlord Guide.*             

landlord guide

step two

To review the most important principals of being a successful landlord, read our test tips.

test tips

step three

Done studying? Take the test! For the best experience, we recommend taking the test in a desktop browser.

take the test

Readynest and the Landlord Education Test are brought to you by MGIC, a private mortgage insurance company. 

*The Becoming a Landlord Guide is produced by Fannie Mae®.

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